We're nearing the end of the year which only means it's going to get warmer, and warmer - I mean it's only Spring and it's already insanely hot. Those in living in Sydney - ya feeling me?

That's why this post is a kick off to a new SPRING 13' SERIES that I'll be doing here on Organic Daisies! So I've just started the last term of Year 10 at school and everyday I come home and all I want to do is eat a tub of Ben and Jerry's and watch re-runs of That's So Raven and it sucks because I never actually get the chance to. For one, I've got so much work to do (ew), and if I ate ice cream everyday.. well that would be quite bad for me. So recently, I've been treating myself to some frozen yoghurt, that my mama bought me from the supermarket. I'm not really a big fan of the froyo you buy at the special froyo places, but this stuff is truly amazing.

This is a super simple and quick dessert! You'll need: 
♥  Frozen yoghurt or just normal yoghurt will do (I used Weis's Creamy Frozen Yoghurt)
♥  An normal mug/cup or bowl
♥  Cup of frozen raspberries
♥  Any choice of fresh berries - I used blueberries.
♥  Flaked almonds for a bit of crunch? - totally optional

OK so first step is to make the raspberry goodness! Measure out a small cup of the frozen raspberries, you can either let it defrost for 15-20 minutes but I usually can't wait that long so I just put the cup in the microwave for a minute or so till it's soft. Next, you just need to smoosh the berries till their all smooshed out and it's thick and liquidy.

You then want to find a bowl, or a cup/mug. Scoop out a few small scoops of the frozen yoghurt, plop all the raspberry "sauce" and finish it off with the fresh blueberries or whatever berries you chose! Enjoy! :)

 I hoped you enjoyed the first foodie post in the Spring 13' Series on Organic Daisies! If you do happen to try it out - I would love to see it!

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Love G, XO

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